Thursday 1 September 2011
Låt oss presentera: Eric Breitbart

Name: Eric Breitbart

City: New York and elsewhere
Profession: Filmmaker/Writer/Photographer
Drivers licence: Yes
TV: No
Favorite meal: The next one
Favorite place in the world: Marseille and Chaco Canyon (New Mexico)
Makes you angry: Stupidity
3 women that inspires you: Mother Jones, Simone Weil and Lela Breitbart (my daughter)
3 men that inspires you: Mark Twain, Gottfried Leibniz and Joshua Breitbart (my son)
What’s the best advice you ever got: What goes around comes around.
Eric Breitbart är redaktör för vår kommande bok Hall of Femmes: Tomoko Miho som kommer ut hösten 2011.

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