Wednesday 7 September 2011
Mary x 2

Idag har vi ägnat vårt eftermiddagsbreak år att bläddra i Evidence, Mary Shanahans mästerverk. Dessutom har vi läst en intervju i tidningen American Photographer från 1986, där Mary, alla fotografers favorit-AD säger såhär:

AP: Are photographs as important as design?
MS: Quite honestly, I think photographs are more important. Design contributes to a look in a vital way, and of course there are certain tenets that I follow as a designer: I favor a straightforward asymmetric and journalistic style, by which I mean the design should be appropriate to an article’s content. But to me design isn’t the greatest challenge.
AP: What is the challenge then?
MS: Putting the pictures together visually to create a magazine. That’s the central thing. I know most art directors would consider this heresy, but I think type is boring. It’s a useful, important tool, but compared to the excitement of pictures, type is just necessary chore.
Hall of Femmes: Mary Shanahan kommer ut 2011.

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