Wednesday 19 October 2011
Arbus i Paris

“You see someone in the street and what you notice, essentially, is what goes wrong. It is already extraordinary that we each have our particularities. Not content with what we have, we try and create others. Our entire attitude gives a signal to the world to indicate how we want to be seen, but there is a world of difference between what you want others to know and what you can’t prevent them from knowing. That is what I always called the difference between intention and effect. What I mean is that if you observe reality close up, and you manage to really discover it, reality becomes unreal.”

Diane Arbus

Igår öppnade en stor retrospektiv Diane Arbus utställning i Paris med över 200 foton, varav vissa aldrig visats tidigare. Gå och se den du som kan. Du som inte har möjlighet kan istället se fler bilder här eller titta närmare på Diane Arbus böcker som Yolanda Cuomo formgivit. Eller så kan du gå på filmvisning på Moderna nu på lördag.

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