Wednesday 20 March 2013
Why working with women
is uncomfortable

Excerpt from Christina Knight’s book Mad Women, where she quotes Cindy Gallop:

Cindy says sexism is unconsious in a world where the default setting is always male. I think she has a point, and most definitely when she says it is human to find it very comfortable working with people like you; hiring people like you, championing, promoting and hanging with people like you. In fact, she believes that is a key reason why so many creative departments are pre-dominantely male. She says if men want to work with women and genuinely want a gender-equal industry, you have to be prepared for discomfort. She says:

»Because it is uncomfortable to work with women, because we are different from you. Women ask tough questions, they ask them in life and they ask them in business. /…/ Greatness comes out of discomfort. Hire women, champion women, promote women, spend time with women. It is not as comfortable as hanging out with the guys, but it’s going to be more productive.«

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Monday 22 October 2012
Alla så lika

Bra artikel och intervju av Christina Knight med copywritern Kat Gordon här. Återigen konstaterar vi att kvinnors erfarenheter verkar vara så lika oavsett ålder och vilken sida av Atlanten vi befinner oss.

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