Charlie Gullström

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Katarina Bonnevier

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Irma Boom

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Rosmarie Tissi

One of Switzerland's most prominent designers is coming to Stockholm and Kolla! Talks to talk about courage and failure. Read more »

Maria “Decida” Wahlberg

Maria "Decida" Wahlberg likes to think the message is more important than the type of media you're working with. Read more »

Anna Eliasson Lundquist

Expert and consultant within leadership and career development. Read more »

Julie Cirelli

Julie Cirelli will guide us throughout the day at the Swedish Center for Architecture and Design. Read more »

Morag Myerscough

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Mari Randsborg

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Elin Alvemark

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Denise Grünstein

Denise Grünstein is one of Sweden's most renowned photographers, and has successfully moved between artistic projects and commissioned assignments. Read more »

Sophie Mörner

New York-based Sophie Mörner works as a photographer and is the founder and owner of Capricious Magazine. Read more »

Johanna Lenander

Johanna Lenander is a Swedish-born, New York-based writer and editor who currently serves as Senior Content Director at Read more »

Nathalie Du Pasquier

Nathalie du Pasquier broke new ground in the design world of the 1980s as a member of the influential Memphis Group. Read more »

Pat Kirkham

Pat Kirkham is one of the world's leading experts on gender and design. Her book ›The Gendered Object‹ is a classic of the genre. Read more »


The Örnsberg Auction is a group of local designers, artists, and craftspeople who have launched their own collectively-run auction house. Read more »

Julie Cirelli

Julie Cirelli is an editor and author at Arvinius + Orfeus publishing in Stockholm, she writes about design and architecture. Read more »

Vuokko Nurmesniemi

Vuokko Nurmesniemi is an artist and fashion designer responsible for significantly renewing the way we look Read more »

Barbara Kruger

»I try to make my work about how we are to one another.« Barbara Kruger is one of the world's most acclaimed artists. Read more »

Cindy Gallop

Marketing genius, entrepreneur and business consultant, Advertising Woman of the Year 2003. Read more »

Ruth Ansel

Ruth Ansel has been the art director of Harper’s Bazaar (1960s), The New York Times Magazine (1970s) and Vanity Fair (1980s). Read more »

Ann-Sofie Back

Ann-Sofie Back has been described as the fashion world’s enfant terrible and single handedly responsible for paving the way for conceptual fashion Read more »

Jennifer Daniel

Jennifer Daniel is the Graphics Director at Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Part designer, part illustrator Read more »

Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae is an Australian artist straddling the worlds of fashion, technology and the body. Read more »

Penny Martin

Penny Martin is the Editor in Chief of The Gentlewoman. When asked to describe her vision for the magazine... Read more »

Janet Froelich

Janet Froelich, is creative director at Real Simple, a magazine with over two million subscribers. Before this she was the art director at The New York Times Magazine. Read more »

Susanne Ljung

Susanne Ljung is one of Sweden's most renowned journalists. She is a narrator who has guided her readers and listeners through fashion Read more »