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Barbara Kruger

Thursday, May 16

»I try to make my work about how we are to one another.«

Barbara Kruger is one of the world’s most acclaimed artists. She began her career as a designer at Mademoiselle and further at Condé Nast. As an artist she continued to use the tools she learned as a designer in her work. Barbara Kruger uses images from mass media together with slogans, clichés and aphorisms. Her work usually refers to her favorite subjects »Power, control, love, money, death, pleasure and pain«.

Hall of Femmes is enormously proud to welcome Barbara Kruger, a true pioneer and one of our times’ greatest conceptual artists to Design Talks for an exclusive conversation on stage about her artistry and work which today, in a world ruled by consumption and celebrity culture, we think is more relevant than ever.





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