Nathalie Du Pasquier

Nathalie du Pasquier broke new ground in the design world of the 1980s as a member of the influential Memphis Group. Read more »

Pat Kirkham

Pat Kirkham is one of the world's leading experts on gender and design. Her book ›The Gendered Object‹ is a classic of the genre. Read more »


The Örnsberg Auction is a group of local designers, artists, and craftspeople who have launched their own collectively-run auction house. Read more »

Julie Cirelli

Julie Cirelli is an editor and author at Arvinius + Orfeus publishing in Stockholm, she writes about design and architecture. Read more »

»The artist’s freedom has always been ›individual‹, but true freedom can only be collective. A freedom aware of social responsibilities, which can knock down the frontiers of aesthetics« Lina Bo Bardi

Hall of Femmes, together with The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, is organizing »True freedom can only be collective – a seminar celebrating Lina Bo Bardi.« The seminar is held in connection with the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Together.

Lina Bo Bardi was born in Rome in 1914 but moved to Sao Paolo in 1946. As well as an architect, she was an active designer, scenographer, editor, furniture designer, and curator. Lina Bo Bardi was pioneering in how she questioned the culture of genius surrounding individual architects; she herself emphasized the importance of collaboration.

Program, Monday 3rd February 15.00–17.30

15.00. Welcome by Sandra Nolgren, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, and Angela Tillman Sperandio & Samira Bouabana, founders of Hall of Femmes.
15.10. Introduction by moderator Julie Cirelli
15.20. Presentation by Noemi Blager, curator of the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Together
15.30. Talk by Nathalie Du Pasqiuer
16.10. Coffee break
16.20. Talk by Pat Kirkham
17.00. Conversation between Nathalie Du Pasquier, Pat Kirkham, The Örnsberg Auction, and Noemi Blager, moderated by Julie Cirelli

Time and Place: February 3rd, 15–17.30pm, the auditorium of The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design
Moderator: Julie Cirelli, journalist and editor at publishers Arvinius
Tickets: 150 kronor (including tea and coffee), for sale on Tickster

With thanks to Italienska Kulturinstitutet and Arper.


Monday February 3