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The Örnsberg Auction is a group of local designers, artists, and craftspeople who have launched their own collectively-run auction house. During Stockholm Design Week 2012, they arranged their first auction of studio-produced design which was a great success. The project’s focus – on the small-scale and the unique – was of its time, while simultaneously showing that many small actors can create something big together. At this year’s auction, one of the invited artists is Nathalie du Pasquier. During »True freedom can only be collective – a seminar celebrating Lina Bo Bardi«, The Örnsberg Auction join in conversation with Nathalie du Pasquier, Pat Kirkham, and Noemi Blager.

Tickets: 150 skr here.


Auction gavel, 2012. Photo: Viktor Sjödin.


Selection of works exhibited 2013. Photo: Viktor Sjödin



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