Hall of Femmes aims to highlight the work of women in art direction and design. The project was founded in 2009 by Samira Bouabana and Angela Tillman Sperandio. It includes lectures, exhibitions, interviews, podcasts and the publication of the Hall of Femmes book series, each book portraying a designer and her work through in-depth interviews and previously unpublished images.

The project started as a personal desire to find female role models in graphic design, a field where women’s contribution to developing the profession had not been documented or had enough recognition. Angela and Samira travelled several times to New York to meet up with a few of the female giants of the design world. They talked to them about work and career opportunities, about mentorship and what it’s like to be a woman in the design world. These conversations have been transformed into a series of books . The first book, about Ruth Ansel, published in 2010, was followed by seven additional books: Carin Goldberg (2010), Lillian Bassman (2010) and Paula Scher (2011), Tomoko Miho (2013), Janet Froelich (2013), Lella Vignelli, (2013) and Bloggboken (2013, in Swedish).

In May 2013, Hall of Femmes produced a two-day design conference Design Talks, with prominent speakers from the world of visual arts, design, communication and fashion, held at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Book signings have been arranged at Danziger Gallery and Art Directors Club in New York and the project have been written up in magazines like The New York Times Magazine, Creative Review and Vanity Fair.


Team & Contributors

Emi Gunér

Emi Gunér

Growing up means different things to different people. To Emi Guner, childhood included frequent visits to Moderna Museet where Niki de Saint Phalle’s strong, colorful figures made such a joyful impression on the young Guner that years later she named one of her daughters Niki in honor of the artist. Constantly surrounding herself with capable, funny and interesting women, she jumped at the chance of being a part of the Hall of Femmes-project as a translator for Hall of Femmes: Ruth Ansel. If only Emi would keep having kids, she would probably name them Angela, Samira, Ruth, Paula, Lillian or Carin.